Single Door Refrigerators

Single Door Refrigerators

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Brand: Samsung
Product Code: Samsung 192 L Direct Cool Single Door 4 Star (2020)
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Digital Inverter Compressor

Product Description

Digital Inverter Compressor

This 192 L appliance is equipped with the Digital Inverter Technology, which adjusts the speed of the compressor automatically. It changes the speed as per the cooling that is required across the 7-levels of the appliance. It can function efficiently in less energy. Also, it minimizes noise and helps in reducing damages, which make it durable.

Base Stand Drawer

The lower part of the appliance comes with a Base Stand Drawer, which lets you store food items at room temperature. So, vegetables like onions and potatoes, which do not require cooling, can be stored in this drawer.

Stabilizer-free (100 V ~ 300 V)

The Stabilizer-free operation lets it function seamlessly even when there are voltage fluctuations. It also keeps electrical damages, which can be caused by such fluctuations, at bay. If the fluctuations increase, it cuts the power automatically. It also saves energy, which means you can cut-down money on your electricity bills too.

Efficient Functioning

It can effectively run on your home inverter and thus it can function even during power outages. It also does not consume a lot of energy.

Grande Door Design

The Grande Door design makes the appliance look modern. It also makes it look like it has a double-door design, thanks to the presence of a fine line that appears towards the lower section of the refrigerator. It also features a Bar Chrome Handle, which adds more style and shine to its elegant look.

Long-lasting Freshness

You can store vegetables for up to 15 days. It ensures that they do not lose their freshness and crispiness so that you can enjoy eating them even after two weeks (approx.). What's more, it comes with a spacious Vege Box, where you can keep all your vegetables and fruits easily.

Toughened Glass Shelves

It comes with Toughened Glass Shelves where you can safely place vessels and containers that weigh up to 150 kg.

Anti-bacterial Gasket

By keeping the door liner neat and clean, this feature ensures that you eat hygienic and fresh food. It also does not let bacteria and fungi to form inside the appliance.

Safe Clean Back

It has a Safe Clean Back safety cover which protects the cables and coils. You can also clean it easily. It enhances the durability of the appliance. Also, it prevents dirt from accumulating around the components. Furthermore, it keeps the components safe from knocks.

Deep Door Guard

It allows you to store large bottles, containers, and beverage cans. You can also refrigerate tall bottles in it easily.

Lock and Key

You can prevent your kids from overeating ice cream packets and chocolates stored in the appliance by keeping it locked.

Runs on Solar Energy

Using an SPCU, this appliance (with the help of solar panels) can run efficiently on solar energy within a voltage range of 100 to 300 V.



In The Box                      1 Unit Refrigerator, User Manual with Warranty Card

Type                                  Single Door

Refrigerator Type           Top Freezer Refrigerator

Defrosting Type              Direct Cool

Compressor Type           Digital Inverter Compressor

Capacity                           192 L

Number of Doors           1

Star Rating                       4

Coolpad                           No

Toughened Glass           Yes

Built-in Stabilizer            Yes

Performance Features      

Convertible Refrigerator            No

Body And Design Features         

Toughened Glass                            

Power Features

BEE Rating Year                       2020

Stabilizer Required                  No

Additional Features

Launch Year                              2020

Net Total Capacity                    182 L


Net Height

130 cm

Net Depth

64 cm

Net Width

54.9 cm


36 kg

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